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Discover the top 5 tools producers and writers can adapt from the virtual production process that will advance their storytelling, development and production workflows without breaking their budgets.

Click on THE OSLO SHOWRUNNER FORUM 2021 for details on A New Paradigm - Demystifying Virtual Production

On Wednesday September 29th, starting at 11.15am (CET Oslo), join our 3 leading specialists to find out how virtual production is reframing the Content Production Pipeline, Integrated Delivery and Content Development, and what it really means for you.

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People who are ill, in quarantine or isolation should not come to the event. Keep a minimum of 1 meter distance to others at the event and sit at designated places. Use antibac on arrival at the various halls. You are responsible for keeping up to date on current infection control rules.

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Vega Scene


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Vega Scene // ingensteds
30. september 2021